Just a tad bit of History.

Now i'm about to give you one of those "ah-HA" moments those guys on stage are always talkin' about...


You've got 2 types of marketing.

A very PUBLIC approach through content creation & then you have the more intimate, PRIVATE setting through messenger.

Either is fine.

Now the Bullfrogs...

They'll opt for the "Public" approach all day long because they've already established a large enough following where they can pretty much throw anything out there, and it'll stick with the ignorant masses.

When they get scammed, do you really think they CARE that much???

Probably not, considering they can simply take the same exact POST,
and drive the traffic into a brand new opportunity to SCAM,
the next day!

Nobody would be the wiser.

But hey, if that's what works for them, who am i to question it!

Scam away.

The unfortunate part is... THAT'S the strategy which is duplicating throughout their entire organization and so EVERYBODY'S pushing their scams out using the same damn method.


We are CONNECTING on a Personal Level, even on the Public side of the Birthday posts.

Let's take this MGB project for example.

I know EACH & EVERY PERSON that i want to invite along BECAUSE of the personal connection we have made through Messenger...

You should consider the fact that EVERY ONE OF US has a Public persona and Private persona.

Especially, Killary! (j/k) 

But look, people are just throwing their money down the toilet....

Treating their own Newsfeed as if it's Gospel,

JOINING some RANDOM-ASS GARBAGE that just happens to be floating by on their phones,

...and because it's gotta lotta activity going on.


Can i ask you a serious question..?

Where's the "Trust" factor in all this...?

Is there ANY Rule that says i'm supposed to BE a Gary Freakin' Vaynerchuk, with all kinds of street cred to use my Facebook for business?

And while we're on the topic,

Do i need to have a 10K Advertising Budget just so i can START seeing some results...

Spending even more on Split-testing to Scale Up ???

No, i'm all about Duplication so if i'm going to Duplicate ANYTHING

It's going to be something that Doesn't COST all that much to begin.

I mean, that's a given because it's a larger demographic.

But it's also going to allow people to market their ideas without looking like a complete DOOFASS in front of ALL their other friends & fam, because it's all PUBLIC!

MyGenius is here to do a little spring cleaning!!!

With MyGenius, you get to work with only the folks that deserve your TIME,

while you're selectively screening the rest.

"MyGenius" is just what the name says, baby!

And frens, i didn't just turn over the tables at my J.O.B...

after 10 years of all the B.S. drama, not to mention COVID!


I didn't leave that fateful afternoon without BECOMING 100% READY.

I've been meticulously working on this System for many, many months. 

Because I KNEW, it was a system.

There are times now when i would question myself about WHO i should be talking to about this,

Only later realizing that it doesn't really matter WHO I KNOW because if it's on the page...


Let just say those Vultures will begin to swarm.

Because once they get a smell of that blood, there's nothing else they're gonna think about.

...And they'll keep coming back.

The other element that i think is critically important in this, is i'm not BLASTING this website anywhere and even in my offline marketing about this,
i've always remained very, very subtle.

And therefore, not RUINING that special connection that is made during a one-on-one exchange.

I don't know about you, but i would MUCH rather have a curious soul, who is beginning to wake up, SEEK THIS OUT, taking the initiative,


Me, hitting someone over the head with a blatent business proposal, that they'll most likely REFUSE TO DO, over & over & over...

Can you really blame them...?

On the day before Mother's Day, i told my boss that i don't do private meetings unless he paid me.

See, he didn't realize going in, that it wasn't a negotiation from the start, and had ample time to accept the terms, that i set previously.

Knowing FULL WELL, that it would be practically impossible to accept my terms, he needed to get me to comply somehow.

So, no agreement could be reached until a "meeting", could be arranged.

And i knew this, because you never want to walk into a meeting, that you haven't ALREADY WON!

The other lesson that we can ALL learn here, is that you need to KNOW the people that you're partnering up with, whether it's on the Job, or in Business...

The company that i was with, had LOST it's Personal Touch!

In fact, i've come to learn that they stopped doing "Reviews" after COVID and you know what i think...?

It's all part of the plan to punish the middleclass, so they won't be talkin' about raises.  BUT THAT'S JUST ME.  Total Cabal move.

Where an American company becomes complicit in destroying it's own economy...
that's just great...

(I'll have no part of that, thank you!)

But Logic would suggest that you HAVE TO HAVE an annual review because people need to know how they're doing, OBVIOUSLY,

...and they need to feel APPRECIATED.

Long story short, i already knew beforehand that he had nothing of VALUE to offer me,
so that meeting was cut short.

That is why, THIS is what i'm supposed to do now.

Leaving that crummy, uncomfortable day behind, i've found a greater purpose for me in My Life.

And that's allowing me to use my unique skillsets, to help more people get what THEY need out of Life.

Not necessarily what i need.

Can you hear me now, Bossman?

This is MY Life's schedule.

And it is my #1 priority.

May you enjoy the show but i'll be watching from the sidelines,
playing with my dog.

To our newest arrivals, may this project support you on YOUR PATH to becoming the person you're meant to become!